Sunday, January 9, 2011

Conrad, the God of Cigars and Pipes


Conrad is an older gentlemen from Argentina, who records videos of himself smoking pipes and cigars. Usually accompanied by strange music such as "tangos" and "movie soundtracks" this man releases about 20 VIDEOS A DAY, EACH BEING ABOUT 5 MINUTES IN LENGTH, ALL OF HIM SMOKING PIPES OR CIGARS. His first channel got banned over a year ago, but he managed to rack up about 6000 videos in a period of a year or two. His new channel, the one linked above, already has about 3000 videos.

It should be noted that all his videos are labeled after what he is wearing, what hes smoking out of and what music he has on.

This video is titled:
"Corn Cob, Big Pipe, Straight, Smoking, with Black White Hat; and Music of James Bond."

If this isn't bad ass enough, sometimes he'll go as far as to smoke out of two pipes at once, sometimes even three, or as shown below, a pipe and a cigar.

"Cigar, and Pipe Stanwell Zebrano, Smoking, with Leather Clothe; and " THE MAGNIFICIENT SEVEN "

Also he, usually comments back to most people who leave a comment on one of his videos. And if you subscribe to him, he will often befriend you and leave a comment on your channel such as:

"My friend, welcome at my channel; and thank you.

Beautiful channel.

The friend, of Argentine."

This man is truly the internet deity of Cigars and Pipes, I will leave you all with some more Conrad videos, or better yet, check them out yourself at his channel. Like I said, he has thousands.

"Second Video, Smoking, My Three Pipe Tobaccos, with Blue Jeans Hat; and Blue Jeans Levi's Shirt"

"Cow-Boy, Violet Kevingston T-Shirt, Calabash Butz-Choquin, Pipe, Smoking; and " Come Together " "

"Calabash Meerschaum, Pipe Tobaccos, Smoking, with Scotland Hat; and " Indiana Jones ".

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  1. Conrad and the James Bond theme go together like sunshine and a summer's day.